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Flavor explorers: new nibblr snack boxes

It’s three o’clock in the afternoon. You’re sitting at your desk and your stomach starts growling. The boring snacks in the vending machine just aren’t doing it for you and you wish someone would just bring you something good to eat already.

nibblr to the rescue.


nibblr is a new subscription-based snacks business launched by 301 Inc., the business development team at General Mills.

Simply log on to and decide where and how often you’d like your nibblr box chock full of snacks delivered. You can choose from 59 different varieties and counting. Each snack is portion controlled and you pick from adventurous flavors like curry, chai and chili pepper.

Then sit back, relax and let the nibblr team deliver a box full of snacks to you.


Each box is only $5.99 with free shipping. Best of all, you can explore all the snacks and rate your favorites so Team nibblr can create a snack assortment you’re sure to love. If you’re not crazy about a flavor, just say “no thanks,” and it won’t be delivered again.

“Want great taste in a snack, but not one loaded with calories?” asks Maria Chapellin, marketing manager for new business development. “nibblr has the intense, adventurous and unique flavors you want.”

Currently, the snacks are available in the 48 continental U.S. and nibblr will unveil even more new snacks in April 2014.

The nibblr team – a small core group (most pictured below) – worked swiftly once it began developing the snacks last January.

“I’ve been at General Mills 15-plus years, and this is probably one of the most exciting ventures I’ve worked on because it was created from scratch with an entrepreneurial approach,” says Martin Abrams, marketing director for 301 Inc. “I tell my team, ‘We will make history.’ ”


Be sure to check Twitter for the #3oclock hashtag at … you guessed it, 3 p.m. – the time people typically snack.

Visit to start your snack subscription and like nibblr on Facebook for delicious updates.