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Taking Cheerios to TV’s biggest stage

When you watch the big game in February, you’ll see something that the Cheerios team can’t wait to show you.

For the first time in the brand’s history, there will be a Cheerios commercial during one of the breaks in the action on the field.

While Cheerios isn’t ready to reveal just yet what the storyline of the commercial will be, who will be in it, or precisely when you will see it during the game (in the first “unscheduled time-out”), we can tell you that Cheerios is quite proud of its message.

The new commercial is being produced by the same creative team responsible for the recent Cheerios spots “Just Checking” and “Nana.”

The common theme is the power of family love and the important role that Cheerios and breakfast can play in building family connections.

“Historically, what’s really worked for Cheerios is emotional storytelling that involves families and children, and connections and relationships,” says Camille Gibson, of the Cheerios team. “What people will see in this commercial really represents what the brand stands for. It will be a beautiful story about a family and their love for each other.”

Cheerios is looking forward to engaging with fans about the ad on game night, in social media.


So how does such a high-profile commercial come together at General Mills?

As you might expect, planning for the spot started several months ago.

“The opportunity to be on the big game, in something with that type of scale and number of households that watch it, was very exciting to everyone working on the Cheerios brand,” Camille says.

The first step in the creative process was a big one, to find the right story that could mean something to millions of football fans who also look forward to watching the commercials.

“We took a few people that have been working on the Cheerios business, who know the brand and its meaning very deeply, and we got together and talked about what we could share that could show who we are, what we mean and our point of view,” Camille says. “We really ended up with a very simple project brief that just talked about creating a beautiful story about family love.”

The production of the commercial is now entering the home stretch. There’s still work to be done, but Camille says it’s also a lot of fun.

“This is definitely part of a bucket list for me and the whole Cheerios team,” she says.

General Mills has not had a commercial during the big game since 1996 when Wheaties ran a spot that featured basketball legend Michael Jordan, along with football greats Deion Sanders and Steve Young.

Look for the new Cheerios commercial to debut here on “A Taste of General Mills” in January.