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A surprise to start the morning

Being serenaded by a country music singer, in your own home, sounds like a pretty good start to the day, doesn’t it?

It happened for Celeste, in San Antonio, all because of a tweet she sent to Jerrod Niemann.

She wrote: “@good morning. It’s 6:40 am, do you think the neighbors would hate me if I blasted your music right now?”


As part of its “Morning Movers” idea, Pillsbury Toaster Strudel saw that tweet and worked with Celeste’s mother behind-the-scenes to plan a huge surprise for her – getting Niemann to stop by their house for a morning concert.

It turns out the surprise for Celeste, almost wasn’t a surprise.

“We originally planned to actually wake her up from her bed, but she set her alarm early because her sister said they were going to a birthday breakfast,” says John Williams, marketing manager for Pillsbury Toaster Strudel. “Luckily, she was getting ready in the bathroom with the door closed, so the whole crew snuck in and set up. So we were waiting in the family room to surprise her when she opened the door.”


Besides the Niemann wish, Toaster Strudel also worked with a mother in Portland, Ore., to surprise her daughter, Tori.

Her tweet was “Let’s replace school buses with limos. Riding in a limo to school? That’s some motivation to get out of bed.”


So, Toaster Strudel sent Hummer stretch limousines to their home so Tori, and 35 of her friends, could ride to school in style.

“The logistics and timing of the limo surprise were a bit more challenging,” says John. “Three different companies supplied their largest SUV stretch limos for the occasion. We also had to get all the girls to one location at 5:15 in the morning without telling them why – we couldn’t risk having them spill the secret to Tori!”

John says Tori’s mom helped coordinate with with all their parents to get them there. Once they were in front of the house, the girls had to be silent while the camera crew got set up and everyone waited for Tori to come outside. Tori’s dance coach had told her she was picking her up for an early morning meeting and texted her that she was there.

“Once Tori opened the door, everyone was so excited – it was all hugs, smiles and laughter from there. It was definitely an exciting way to get her morning moving” says John.


Morning Movers calls on Toaster Strudel fans to go to to submit their morning wishes. Fans can post them through January 31, 2014.

Everyone who submits a morning wish has a chance to be selected, says John. Wishes that are fun, creative and physically feasible will be highly considered, he adds.

Morning Movers is the latest in a series of activations for Toaster Strudel. Last year, the team introduced a new TV advertising campaign with a new brand spokes character, Hans Strüdel (who lives in Breakfürg, of course).

As part of that, they also launched the brand’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Toaster Strudel also introduced the Strudel Düdeler, a machine powered by tweets that translated positive morning messages into artwork on a Toaster Strudel.

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