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The Family Breakfast Project

Breakfast is a big deal to our Big G cereals, so it’s fitting that our biggest brand is taking the lead on a mission to help families connect in a meaningful way during breakfast.

Today we’re announcing The Family Breakfast Project, an initiative Cheerios has created in partnership with The Family Dinner Project.

“Breakfast is the perfect way to start the day together – looking forward, planning and dreaming about what the day might bring,” says John Sarrouf, director of The Family Dinner Project. “It’s a chance to love and support each other before we head out into the world. That’s why we created The Family Breakfast Project together. It’s a way to help you get creative about your morning – to make it easier, more fun and meaningful.”

The Family Dinner Project is a grassroots organization that provides resources to increase the opportunity for families to eat together and make those meals a rewarding experience for all.


“As parents we are all looking for any amount of time we can find in our day to make a connection with our families. At The Family Dinner Project, we have gotten good at understanding how to make dinner successful and meaningful in the midst of our busy lives. The idea of being able to connect in the morning, at the beginning of the day, is like finding a pot of gold to me. It is this time that we are reclaiming for our families,” Sarrouf says.

As part of The Family Breakfast Project, Cheerios encourages families to take seven minutes for seven days to connect in the morning. The program offers a guide with conversation starters, activities and games to help families connect at breakfast.


“We know mornings can be hectic, but start with just seven minutes for seven days and see what healthy habits become part of your life forever,” says Sarrouf.

Camille Gibson, vice president of marketing for Big G cereals, told me about the project, in this video clip.

“With The Family Dinner Project, we found a like-minded organization that was inspired by the years of research about the benefits of families coming together over a meal. The Family Dinner Project applies this research to show families how to make meaningful connections while eating together,” Camille says

Research suggests that eating breakfast is associated with better school performance – in fact, studies also show that breakfast helps kids stay alert and perform cognitive tasks better.

Many other studies on academics and nutrition have found that eating breakfast also improved outcomes such as memory, test grades and even school attendance.


With The Family Breakfast Project parents and children not only eat together, but they can strengthen their relationships at the same time.

“I think the most important thing is to find a moment to pause and really see each other,” says Sarrouf. “That is why the suggestions about planning the night before and getting yourself organized to simplify the morning is so valuable. Then, I think asking a simple question like ‘What is your wish for the day and what is your worry?’ is a great way to quickly get an insight into what your family is thinking about, what they might need, how you might be able to support them. And we should never forget the power of having fun together as a way of connecting.”

We invite you to check out The Family Breakfast Project – on the newly redesigned – and participate with your family.

Editor’s note: Watch “the big game” to see a new commercial from Cheerios that will showcase a family connection at breakfast.