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Jan 19, 2014 • By

Yoplait Greek blueberry wins taste test

Yoplait Greek Blueberry beat Chobani Greek Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom in a national, third party taste test.

Nearly two out of three Americans in the test (65 percent) said they prefer the taste of Yoplait Greek over Chobani.

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“When we asked people if they are satisfied with the current Greek yogurts they have to choose from, many people liked the thick consistency and the higher protein. But, they were not happy with the taste” said Carla Vernón, business unit director for Yoplait.

The team behind Yoplait Greek is excited about prevailing in the taste test, so they’re rolling out a new campaign including TV commercials, digital media, sampling, and other big surprises, like real taste tests in hundreds of grocery stores nationwide.

You can get a sneak peek at the new commercial here.

With statements like, “I love this one,” “So much better than Chobani” and “I really have to say Yoplait,” the taste testers clearly had a preference.

And for those skeptical about the claim that Yoplait Greek tastes better than the competition, Carla says to take the Taste-Off Challenge themselves.

“Tasting is believing, and we are excited to hear from everyone who is curious about Greek yogurt,” she says.

Yoplait Greek launched last year with blueberry, coconut, pineapple, strawberry raspberry, tangerine and vanilla and just introduced three new flavors – cherry, strawberry and raspberry. There are also 12 flavors of Yoplait Greek 100.

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Learn more about Yoplait Greek at GreekTasteOff.com and connect on Facebook and Twitter to share the results of your own Taste-Off Challenge.