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Yoplait Greek brings its Taste-Off to New York

Like yogurt? Live in New York City?

Head to SoHo to check out the Yoplait Greek Taste-Off store.


Visitors to the store, today through Saturday, are getting a chance to take a side-by-side taste test between Yoplait Greek blueberry yogurt and Chobani Greek blueberry fruit on the bottom.

There’s been a steady stream of people going through the store today. Adding to the energy inside is a Yo Bar where consumers can enjoy one of nine Yoplait Greek flavors and eleven flavors of Yoplait Greek 100, a coffee and espresso station, and a lounge that offers a destination for guests to kick back and relax – all for free.


You’ll find the Yoplait Greek Taste-Off store at 463 W. Broadway, between Houston and Prince, just 300 feet away from Chobani’s yogurt bar. It’s open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern, through Saturday night (Feb. 1).


In the spirit of holding a friendly, fair competition, tasters will sample from two unmarked cups of blueberry yogurt and share which they prefer. All guests, regardless of their preference, are being asked to share what they think using the hashtag #TasteOff and are receiving a memento of their choice – no matter which brand they choose.


“We’re so excited to see the Taste-Off unfolding in our SoHo space,” says Liza Dopp, marketing manager for Yoplait Greek. “We know that yogurt fans are very passionate when it comes to Greek yogurt and that great taste is a top priority. For these three days, people in SoHo will have the opportunity to try our Yoplait Greek and conduct their own taste-off to see which yogurt their taste buds prefer.”

The Yoplait Greek Taste-Off store is a complement to the recently-launched national marketing campaign that includes a TV spot titled, “Taste-Off”, as well as digital and out-of-home advertising.

The Yoplait Greek Taste-Off asks consumers everywhere to take part in taste-testing Greek blueberry yogurt and publicly declare their preference through their social media channels using the #TasteOff hashtag.

For people who won’t be in New York to visit the store in person, Yoplait supplied the first 5,000 visitors to GreekTasteOff.com with the goods to conduct their own Yoplait Greek blueberry vs. Chobani Greek blueberry fruit on the bottom taste test at home, including gift cards for free yogurt. Yogurt lovers can also view Taste-Off results from across the country. In addition, Yoplait is conducting hundreds of Taste-Off taste tests at grocery stores nationwide.

Yoplait introduced a new Yoplait Greek yogurt last year. Yoplait Greek yogurt is blended with real fruit pieces and made with natural colors, flavors and sweeteners. It is available in nine flavors – Blueberry, Tangerine, Vanilla, Strawberry Raspberry, Coconut and Pineapple. And, new flavors Strawberry, Cherry and Raspberry, available soon.