Feb 02, 2014 • By

A busy night for a brand

With a commercial airing during the big game for the first time in the history of the Cheerios brand, the team that oversees the cereal’s marketing prepared for a busy night.

And it truly was.

From family photos sent in by fans, to trending hashtags about the commercial, it was virtually non-stop.

Was there a football game too?

Of course, the planning for what the brand would do in social media in the days and hours before kickoff, during the action, and afterward, started well before game day.

The team would have a lot to talk about, including the “Gracie” adThe Family Breakfast Project and celebrating the love Cheerios fans have for their families (and their love of Cheerios too).

When game day arrived today, a few members of the Cheerios team came in to work early to begin chatting with fans about their breakfast.


By game time several more had arrived, filling a conference room with their laptops, and quickly settling in to monitor the social chatter and watch the game, playing on a big TV.

I spent some time with the group tonight while they worked in order to show you how the evening went, and also talked about the overall plan with Craig Pladson, digital marketing manager for Big G cereals.

You can see some of the Cheerios team’s game night work on the brand’s Pinterest page.