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Cheers and chocolate

Many of our brands at General Mills showcase chocolate in some delicious ways, either through their products or recipes.

Your mouth is probably watering right now just thinking about a cupcake from Betty Crocker, a pie recipe from Pillsbury, or your favorite Fiber One bar – right?

Our Black Champion’s Network of employees and their families gathered just before the holidays for an event called “Cheers and Chocolate,” that gave them a chance to get creative in the kitchen, and share lots of sweet treats.


Guests enjoyed dinner from Heavenly Host Catering, followed by a pastry-making tutorial taught by Twin Cities pastry expert Maureen Berndt. Attendees learned how to make several classic holiday desserts using ganache, a smooth mixture of cream and chocolate, and a staple in the pastry world.

After learning industry techniques, guests had the opportunity to test out their new skills, and make their own masterpieces in our Betty Crocker Kitchens.


The desserts included mini tartlets; a layer of ganache on top of buttery shortbread crust, followed by a layer of chocolate mousse, topped with fresh whipped cream. The next dessert included chocolate truffles; cooled ganache rolled into a ball, coated in chocolate, and finished with various toppings including hazelnuts, sprinkles, and cocoa.

For the grand finale, guests prepared cake pops; moist delicious cake soaked in hazelnut syrup. The cake was then rolled into balls, dipped in chocolate, and coated with toppings. The desserts were simple, but looked special enough that they could be the star of any holiday gathering.

While the big kids indulged in their chocolate delights, the younger ones expressed their creativity through cookie and gingerbread house decorating.

It was a fun, and educational, night for our Black Champion’s Network!