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MyStory: Ben Johnson

Name a type of volunteering, and Ben Johnson has likely done it.

From mentoring students, to adopting a highway, to preparing and serving food in shelters, Ben feels inspired to serve and has participated in countless volunteer activities over the nine years he’s worked at General Mills.

“I learned growing up that I need to make sure that I’m giving back, that I am making the world a better place,” says Ben.

In our latest MyStory video, he explains how the company’s commitment to giving back actually played a big role in attracting him to General Mills.

Now a recruiting manager for General Mills in Minneapolis, Ben continues to value and appreciate the opportunities he has to play an active role in his community.

“This is a company that walks the talk,” he says. “This is a company that professes a value around great corporate citizenship and being involved in our communities and making them better – and enriching them – and you see it play out every day.”

Do you volunteer with your co-workers?



Does it strengthen your connection to the community where you live or work?

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