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MyStory: Devan Sayles

Through her job in information systems at General Mills, Devan Sayles has found a job that offers her the chance to pursue her interest in technology along with her love for food.

She started helping her mom cook and bake at the age of four and still loves baking dozens of Christmas cookies with her each year.

Devan Sayles

“We love to bake cookies at Christmas time,” says Devan. “We’ll bake seven or eight different kinds and pack up tins for all of our friends and family.”

In this week’s MyStory video, Devan explains how starting at the company as an intern helped her gain great professional experiences while discovering that General Mills was the company for her.

“By the end of my internship, I knew that I had a full-time offer with General Mills, which was awesome,” she says.

“I have a passion for food, but I also love technology. So having the opportunity to combine my interest in food and my interest in technology working at General Mills is kind of a perfect fit,” says Devan.


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