2014 retro cereal boxes target
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Go back in time with retro cereal boxes

Remember when you were a kid and you’d run to the kitchen, early in the morning, and pour yourself a bowl of cereal to watch in front of Saturday cartoons?

We remember too.

You can recapture those childhood moments with retro packaging on five Big G cereals, now available at Target.

This year’s theme is a “Delicious Debut” and you’ll see the five cereals with packaging designed to evoke the years they were introduced – Cheerios in 1945, Lucky Charms in 1964, Honey Nut Cheerios in 1979, Cinnamon Toast Crunch in 1984 and Reese’s Puffs in 1994.

2014 retro cereal boxes target

“The vintage Big G cereal boxes have really struck a chord with Target guests — they’re filled with meaning and nostalgia,” says Andrew Lainsbury, integrated shopper marketing manager. “It’s really fun to be transported back to the time when these five cereals were first introduced.”

Andrew talks more about the inspiration for choosing each cereal’s first year, in this audio clip.

The General Mills Archives team played an integral role in the project, tracking down imagery and information about these cereals in their first releases. The design team worked to remain true to the spirit of the brands from their launch years and keep the packaging authentic.

“Our number one goal when recreating these packages was to get the look as close to the original boxes as possible,” says Derek Wallen of Curb Crowser, lead art director on the project. “The colors, type and graphics were much simpler. Even the General Mills logo went through some evolutions over the years, which can be seen in the recreations.” (Wallen blogged for us about his work on the project, last year).

Retro cereals

The collaboration between the General Mills and Curb Crowser teams on this project went beyond art for cereal boxes though, retro boxes are all about nostalgia.

“What makes this year’s edition so special is seeing how deeply the brands connect consumers across all generations and capture the essence of the times during those historic debuts,” says Allie Rangel, Curb Crowser copywriter.

throwback cereal boxes“When people see retro packaging, it’s sort of like hearing an old song, and they’re reminded of simpler, happier times,” says Wallen.

Andrew agrees, adding, “It’s a way for today’s parents to share memories from their own childhoods with their kids.”

Our latest retro cereal boxes are available for a limited time exclusively at Target in the U.S. and Canada.

Editor’s note: You can learn more about the General Mills Archives, and our past, on GeneralMills.com and GeneralMillsHistory.com.

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