Feb 26, 2014 • By

Using consumer insights to help the consumer

Jeanine Bassett, our vice president of Global Consumer Insights, was featured recently in a column on Forbes.

In “A Fortune 500 Brand And The Ever Changing Role Of Consumer Insights,” Jeanine provided Steve Olenski with an interesting look at how her team analyzes data about consumer behaviors and preferences.

Among her answers, she talked about how we have successfully used consumer insights to address health needs of our consumers:

“A great example is around gluten free. We had noticed for some time an increasing number of consumers seeking gluten-free products. As a grain-based category, cereal surfaced as one of the categories that consumers assumed they would have to abandon on a gluten-free diet. With over 90 percent of all households consuming cereal, this was a real pain point for consumers looking to transition to their new diet with a minimal amount of change. We were able to make a simple ingredient change to our Rice Chex line and added gluten-free messaging to our packaging. When we did that we saw just a phenomenal response. You would not believe the flow of love mail that followed.”

You can read the entire interview with Jeanine Bassett at Forbes.com.