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World-class curler is one of us

We’re big fans of Allison Pottinger, currently an alternate for the U.S. women’s curling team competing against the world’s best.

Not only because of what she does on the ice.

But also because Allison is a Global Consumer Insights Manager here at General Mills.

Allison Pottinger

We’ve written about her accomplishments in curling before and her time on the sport’s global stage.

This time around, her role as an alternate – the fifth member of a four-woman team – is apparently no less stressful.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune caught up with Allison this week during a break in the action. You can read that interview here.

She told reporter Chip Scoggins:

“It’s the Olympics, how can it not be great, right? The team has been really welcoming. But it’s hard to watch. I’m not a good watcher… So that’s kind of hard.”

Allison Pottinger

Allison told Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press she may not be competing but she does have plenty to do.

“I’ll do a lot of scouting and see what other teams are doing and what we should do. There are a million things that go on during these weeks; having an extra body certainly helps.”

Allison has won 10 national titles in curling and was voted U.S. curling Athlete of the Year in 2008.

In a recent story posted on, titled “These Olympians compete for love, not money,” Allison talked about the time it takes to train, and to compete against world-class competition, and juggle the demands of being a wife and mom and her job at General Mills.

“I was thinking about that the other night,” Pottinger said. “I was leaving for practice late and it was cold, and I was like, ‘You know what? It’s worth it.'”

Her colleagues here at headquarters, and around the company, are cheering for Allison and her team!