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6 dearly departed cereals

General Mills has been making cereal since the 1920s. And while our original cereal brands – Wheaties and Kix – are still going strong, on this 2014 National Cereal Day, we are paying tribute to some dearly departed cereals that didn’t stick around.


In 1967, Alive! bran cereal dared to ask provocative questions like, “Sluggish…irregular due to lack of bulk?”

Evidently, not even the promise of “golden bursts” of bran cereal could coax people into enjoying Alive! for breakfast.

alive cereal 1967

Sprinkle Spangles

Crunchy stars covered in sprinkles were too good to last.

Sprinkle Spangles were introduced in the early 1990s, but, despite the fact that the Sprinkle Genie mascot was voiced by popular comedian Dom DeLuise, by 1995 their shining light had burned out.

90s cereals


Hi-Pro high protein flakes were introduced in 1960 and featured the best cereal box promotion of all time – the opportunity for 27 families to win two new cars (a Pontiac and a Tempest)!

Though Hi-Pro only lasted a few years, it is interesting to see high protein foods becoming trendy again (sans cars, of course).

hi pro pontiac

Baron Von Redberry

In 1972, the Baron flew onto the cereal scene with his berry-flavored oat cereal and “sweet berry starbits.”

While he put up quite the fight, he ultimately lost out to the popular Monster Cereals. In our minds, the Baron remains “derberry goodest.”

redberry cereal

Ice Cream Cones

If 1986 was about anything, it was about Ice Cream Cones for breakfast. Or not, as the cereal was both introduced and discontinued that year (despite a catchy commercial featuring “Ice Cream Jones”).

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the ice cream cone, the cereal was briefly reintroduced in 2003, but now lives on only in our sweet memories.

ice cream cereal

French Toast Crunch

Our most requested cereal re-release is probably French Toast Crunch, produced between 1995-2006.

(Editor’s note: As of December 2014, it’s back!)

1990s cereals

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What’s your favorite dearly departed Big G cereal?

Share it with us and we’ll observe a moment of crunchiness with you!

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