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Cereals and heroes team up

Cereals with whole grains and heroes with super powers make a mighty combo. That’s why Big G cereals and DC Entertainment, home to DC Comics, have partnered a second time to deliver original Justice League comic books inside select boxes of cereal.


“People love that there is a physical comic book in the cereal box and a digital extension of the stories online” says Lisa Tomassen, integrated communication manager at General Mills. “The style of the comic books is very authentic to DC Comics, yet exclusive to Big G cereals. It’s very exciting!”

For the next couple months in grocery stores nationwide, you can find four original comic books inside certain boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Trix, Cookie Crisp and Reese’s Puffs. A fifth comic book is available in certain boxes of Cheerios only at Target stores.


The stories, which feature Justice League characters such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, are self-contained, but readers can go online at for a slightly extended version.

“You’re getting the best in the DC Comics library of characters and original content that’s really family friendly,” says Lisa Mills, director of custom publishing at DC Entertainment. “Most moms, dads and caregivers have grown up with these characters, so it’s a nice way to extend the property to their children.”


Months and months of teamwork between Big G cereals and DC Entertainment went into the creation of the comic books.

“To see it come to life was really exciting – story concept, script, pencil sketches, then add the words to the sketches, then color, then final art,” recalls Tomassen. “Each book has 25 pages plus the online extension, so it’s a huge undertaking, but the passion and excitement for the comic books make all the work so worth it.”


In addition to reading the comic books, people can strike a pose called “Super Heroing.” Each specially marked box of Big G cereal also features a Super Hero mask cutout on the back.

Fans can share photos over Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the #SuperHeroing hashtag.

Cereal lovers and comic book fans were thrilled the first time the iconic brands and characters teamed up at the breakfast table a few years ago. That same excitement is expected this time, too.

“I think they like engaging with the product, and you hear so many stories of how long-time comic book fans sit and read the cereal box,” says Mills. “It’s the same sort of affinity of them growing up and reading the comics.”

Editor’s note: Take a look at the comic book page that the Big G team is using to promote the new books.