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Epic helpings of Helper

While many Americans are spending their March focusing on basketball brackets and looking for food to eat while they watch the tournament games, Helper has teamed up with the popular YouTube show Epic Meal Time, to create some ideas that we can only describe as, well … epic!

In the most recent episode titled “The Epic Eight,” the Epic chefs used 10 Helper products to create eight of the craziest recipes you just might ever see.

After watching that video, clearly you can see the the Epic chefs throw calorie counts to the side – they live the “Go big or go home” mantra.

“Epic Meal Time is a natural fit for Helper,” said Ally Delgado, assistant marketing manager for Helper. “This is over-the top. And it brings to life our crave-ability pursuit in a way that we think will truly resonate with the show’s target audience, millennial men.”

The Helper team doesn’t necessarily expect anyone to replicate the eight dishes in the video, it is simply meant to inspire people to create their own Helper recipes.

“We know that millions of Americans eat Helper every weeknight for dinner and that includes a lot of millennial males,” Ally says. “This show demonstrates all of the possibilities that can be created with our Helper products, including our new Helper Bold products. Even if a viewer only takes away a new idea for a topping to put on their favorite Helper dish, that’s a win for us!”


The production of The Epic Eight segment with Helper was not as easy as it looked. Ally tells us the seven minute video segment required an all-day shoot.

The chefs created a majority of the food that accompanied the Helper products from scratch.

“These are really talented chefs who take a lot of pride in their work,” says Ally. “The dishes really were homemade. As an example, it was fascinating to be on set and watch them take hours to hand-make the large bun for the cheeseburger.”


Epic Meal Time debuted in October 2010 and its popularity has only grown – many of their episodes have received several million views. The show airs original episodes on its YouTube channel on Tuesdays.

With this partnership, the Helper team also is seeking viewer input – you can help them choose the next round of Helper Bold flavors by visiting VoteBoldHelper.com.