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Green Giant has “stealth health” covered

People across America want their families to eat more vegetables. But how do busy families quickly and easily get everyone to eat more vegetables and even ask for more?

Simple – blend veggies into the foods they love most.

Green Giant’s new Veggie Blend-Ins vegetable purées provide an easy and delicious way to get a veggie boost.

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Green Giant is partnering with Jessica Seinfeld, the author of “Deceptively Delicious,” to spread the word and show how Veggie Blend-Ins can be used.

“Green Giant Veggie Blend-Ins are 100 percent vegetable purées, no additives or preservatives,” says Seinfeld. “While I love to purée my own vegetables, sometimes I just don’t have the time. Green Giant has been around for 100 years, they know their vegetables and how to do this right.”

Seinfeld uses the 100% Carrot purée, 100% Spinach purée and 100% Butternut Squash purée from Green Giant to make everything from smoothies to macaroni and cheese, and even cupcakes.

“We all need more vegetables in our diets,” she said. “Whether you want to add veggies to smoothies, are looking for ways to cut calories in baked goods or struggle to get your kids to eat enough vegetables, Veggie Blend-Ins are a great solution.”

The products are currently available online at and Amazon.


“Veggie Blend-Ins are a new-to-the world product and require new-to-the-world launch thinking,” says Polly Howe Madsen, marketing manager, category expansion in our 301, Inc. business development division (the same group behind the recent launch of our nibblr subscription-based snacks).

“Throughout the development process, we have worked in close collaboration with the Green Giant team to ensure we are stewarding the strong heritage of their brand and the quality Green Giant stands for,” Polly says.

Since 92 percent of kids don’t get enough vegetables, according to the Produce for Better Health Foundation, Veggie Blend-Ins are a quick and easy way for everyone to get started on a healthy new habit, she adds.

jessica seinfeld

Jessica Seinfeld

In addition to the buzz surrounding the new products, the team is very excited about the partnership with Jessica Seinfeld. “She is passionate about getting people the nutrition they need and realistic about the constraints we have in our busy lives,” says Polly.

In this video, she makes a smoothie with Green Giant Veggie Blend-Ins 100% Carrot purée.

You can find recipes and buy Veggie Blend-Ins at