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Box Tops brings an important message to Atlanta

Box Tops for Education united parents, teachers, and community leaders this month, in an effort to make a real impact on education in the Atlanta school system.


It was the third year that the Box Tops team has held a Town Hall event in Atlanta, to inspire the community to take proactive strides in the education of their children.

Box Tops invited education thought leaders to bring their experiences and insights from their respective areas of expertise, and engage in a panel discussion shedding light on the education of our youth and how the Box Tops program is positively impacting education.

The night began in full bravado with moderator Roland Martin engaging the panel, made up of Dr. Carlton Brown, president of Clark-Atlanta University; celebrity mom and Grammy Award-winning artist Monica; former CNN anchor and television personality T.J. Holmes; Ronald Skeete of Georgia Children’s Aid Society; 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year Jemelleh Coes; and Erica Jensen, senior manager of integrated marketing communications at General Mills.



They participated in a passionate conversation about the state of education and ways to help children reach their full potential.

You can see that, in this video from the event, held April 3:

The conversation started and ended with a strong focus on the instrumental role the community plays when raising a child, by providing the right environment for personal development and growth.

Holmes set the tone for the conversation when he interjected, “The most valuable thing a community can give us is their time.”

Coes revealed how some children feel inadequate in the classroom and emphasized the need for parental involvement in school.

“You can tell they feel left behind and their parents feel like they don’t have the knowledge to engage them in school activities.”


Box Tops For Education was brought up in conversation by the panel, as an example of a positive corporate initiative that is not only helping schools, but also rallying communities together to campaign for education.

Martin emphasized the simplicity and ease of the program to get parents involved by saying, “There are practical things people can do today to drive the education of their children.”

Box Tops for Education is a program started by General Mills in 1996 which helps communities provide kids the tools needed for success by generating cash schools can use. Schools have earned more than $600 million through the program by creating an easy way for community members to support schools without having to spend extra money. Schools can earn up to $20,000 a year from the program.

As a spectator at the event, employee and true Box Tops fan, I left feeling a sense of pride for the brand I work on, and understood the real impact it has on communities all across the country.

The event was a success because of the conversation and discussion, but also for what comes after it. The people sitting in the room were more than just parents and teachers, they were agents of change with the spirit and conviction to go out and make a difference in their communities through empowering children through education.

The attendees, and the panelists who were just as invested as the audience at the event, are the true agents of change.

We all have the power and influence to make a permanent difference in our communities and I hope that message goes well beyond one event in Atlanta.

Please take the time to watch the video and see it for yourself.