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Careers in information technology

General Mills routinely ranks among Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT. In fact, we’ve appeared on the list every year since 2000 and in the top 15 for the past fourteen years.

I had a chance to talk about the types of information technology careers at the company, as well as the projects involved, with Sue Simonett, our vice president of IT, and chief technology officer.

In this video, Sue says IT professionals at General Mills can find a variety of opportunities and projects, as they build their careers.

You can listen to our entire conversation in this audio clip.


“We bring in talented people who have the opportunity to work on leading edge technologies, and we have good work-life balance,” says Sue. “That mix is not prevalent in many places that have leading technologies.”


About half of our IT talent is recruited out of college and half comes through employee IT networks and referrals. They often work on complex, enterprise-wide projects, in a highly collaborative culture.

Last year, Computerworld ranked General Mills 12th overall on its Best Places to Work in IT list, 6th for large companies and first in the category of company benefits.