MyStory Anne Dao
Apr 15, 2014 • By

MyStory: Anne Dao

Anne Dao knows first-hand that you don’t need to speak the same language to truly communicate with someone.

Anne, a category development manager for General Mills based in Minneapolis, volunteered during a week-long service trip at a Haitian children’s home in January of 2012, two years after the devastating 2010 earthquake there. The kids at the volunteer site spoke Haitian Creole. Anne speaks English.

As she describes in our latest MyStory video, “You could be standing there and feel a little hand come up and grab your hand and that was enough to connect with children – you don’t even need words.”

The trip was a life-changing experience for Anne, and she’s grateful she had the support from her manager and colleagues to make it happen.

“Everyone around me was so supportive and so encouraging and was just really excited,” she said.

Learn more about Anne’s experience in the following video.

Have you had a similar experience? Either close to home or half-way around the world? What perspective did you bring back with you?


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