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You won’t believe what makes this bird “Blu”

This is Tyler “Blu” Gunderson – an artist’s rendition of the Blue Macaw star of the upcoming 20th Century Fox film “Rio 2.”

He made his debut at the film’s premiere in Miami on March 21 and his secret had the crowd tweeting in wonder.


If you’ve got an eagle eye, you’ll see that this “Fruity Blu” is made from 1,338 Fruit Roll-Ups and 540 feet of Fruit by the Foot making him the world’s largest Blue Macaw made out of fruit snacks!


“Everyone who sees him in person thinks he’s amazing,” said Jeanette Tinsley, integrated communications manager, snacks division. “Then, when they find out he’s made of fruit snacks, they are completely surprised and think he’s really amazing.”

Our team partnered with Saatchi & Saatchi, NY, who contracted with Brooklyn Model Works, to construct the delicious piece of art.

“Given Fruity Blu’s size and pose, a foam base was needed so he could keep his form,” says Jeanette. “Then Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit by the Foot were used to cover the sculpture.”

making of rio 2 blu

Fruity Blu was a hit on the blue carpet at the movie premiere and he certainly gave attendees something to crow about.

He’ll make his television debut today, along with the cast of “Rio 2” during The Today Show on NBC.

While making your own Fruity Blu might be a challenge, there are plenty of ideas on how to “Play with Your Food” at

Make sure you have a bird’s eye view and see Fruity Blu on The Today Show!

And you can catch the “real” Blu when “Rio 2” opens in theaters this Friday, April 11.