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MyStory: Dave Bissonette

When disaster strikes, Dave Bissonette is the kind of person who rises to the occasion.

As the health, safety and security manager for our plant in Buffalo, New York., Dave also serves as the part-time disaster coordinator for his hometown of Clarence, nearby.

All his years of managing crises – from fires to floods – were put to the test when Continental Flight 3407 crashed near Buffalo on Feb. 13, 2009.

“The community was hurting,” says Dave. “We knew a lot of people on that aircraft that night … It was very personal … For the next three weeks, I was the responsible person for overall incident management, including local, state and federal assets that would come into town to do their respective jobs.”

In our latest MyStory video, Dave shares what he witnessed during those challenging weeks in 2009 and why he enjoys helping to provide a safe workplace for General Mills employees at our facility in Buffalo.


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