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May 22, 2014 • By

The longest line of tacos you have ever seen

Who just set a world record for the longest line of tacos?

Old El Paso and General Mills UK!

The Old El Paso GMUK team smashed the previous record of tacos in a line last week when they lined up an astonishing 1,567 Stand ‘N Stuff Tacos, all of which had to be filled with Smokey BBQ seasoned minced beef and grated cheese for the record to be officially counted.

world record tacos

We set out to beat the record as part of our internal launch of the new Stand ‘N Stuff Taco in the UK.

To achieve this mind-boggling feat involved 23 people – 19 GMUK employees and four chefs from the GMUK canteen. The event also took up an entire floor of the office, based just outside of London. Fifty tables were lined up from one end of the building to the other, snaking and curving with the shape of the office interior.


For a moment, it looked touch and go as to whether the record, previously held by Emory University, would be broken. All tacos had to be touching to achieve victory so the team had to move quickly and precisely to ensure the tacos were truly lined up end-to-end and seal victory.

An official from the Guinness Book of Records, the universally recognized authority on record-breaking achievements, was on hand and spent a considerable amount of time counting each taco and checking that they were touching. The tension was high as the painstaking checks were administered.

guinness world record

Finally, they announced victory to a roar of approval from the Old El Paso team and an audience of employees from the GMUK office who’d turned out to cheer on the attempt.

old el paso stand n stuff

Once the line had been officially counted, all GMUK employees settled down to eat the tacos with extra salad and a range of squeezy salsas and toppings.

Well done, Old El Paso and General Mills UK!