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Yoplait Greek’s TV tour

I’m not an actor, not in the very least, but I can now say that I’ve appeared on ABC’s “General Hospital.”

Of course, by “on” the show I mean, as an extra. Although I was not given any speaking parts to memorize, it was a truly unique and rewarding experience!

The reason that I found myself on the set of the popular soap opera a few weeks ago was to represent Yoplait Greek, along with my colleague Katie Johnsrud, associate marketing manager for Yoplait Greek.


Katie Johnsrud and Adam George of General Mills get some direction as extras, during a taping of ABC’s “General Hospital.”

We were invited to watch the taping of a few scenes from the upcoming “Nurses Ball” episodes. Yoplait Greek was the official sponsor of this year’s fictitious event and is referenced throughout the course of five episodes.


“I never imagined that my position at General Mills would lead to a walk-on role on General Hospital,” says Katie. “I’ve always secretly wanted to be on TV, and having the opportunity to oversee the product integration while also moonlighting as an extra was amazing!”

Neither Katie nor I have plans to quit our day jobs anytime soon, but we enjoyed the brief stint under the bright lights of Hollywood.


Lynn Herring, an actress on ABC’s “General Hospital,” with Katie Johnsrud and Adam George of General Mills.

The product integration, which was made available by the General Mills media team, allowed us to be featured on signs and invitations throughout the ballroom. Several scenes also show the cast eating the yogurt as they rehearse musical acts for the ball. You’ll see all this starting on tomorrow’s episode, May 8, and on each of the following shows through May 14, airing at 2 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Central on ABC.


Rick Hearst and Rebecca Herbst, on the set of ABC’s “General Hospital.”

And it’s not just General Hospital.

Yoplait Greek was also given the opportunity to be featured in segments on “The View” and “The Chew,” which will both air today.

These product integrations are a great marketing test for the Yoplait Greek team as it allowed us to explore the intersection of entertainment and advertising in three very unique ways.

The Chew integration was centered on a food content strategy, featuring Yoplait Greek Blueberry in a breakfast bar recipe perfect for Mother’s Day or other social gatherings.

Yoplait Greek

The View took a very different approach by sharing yogurt samples with the entire audience and asking for their opinion. This aligns very well with the open discussion nature of the show. It also fit perfectly into our current Taste-Off campaign in which we found that two out of three people surveyed preferred the taste of Yoplait Greek Blueberry to Chobani Greek Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom.

Finally, the appearance on General Hospital afforded us the opportunity to insert ourselves into the actual script of the show in an authentic and fun way.

Tune in to all three shows and take a look!