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Behind the scenes of “Night Drive”

Would your dad drive through the night to bring you breakfast?

A father/daughter moment in the morning is the pay-off of “Night Drive,” the newest commercial from Cheerios.

cheerios commercial

It’s clear that this is not your typical Cheerios spot. Mainly because it’s a minute long and has several scenes.

In fact, “Night Drive” may be the brand’s most ambitious commercial ever. But with its touching ending it still carries the Cheerios message of family love.

“I think we created a very special piece with ‘Night Drive,’ by capturing this beautiful cinematic story,” says Johnnie Ingram, Saatchi & Saatchi. “It’s very rare in advertising these days that brands actually talk to their audience instead of talking at them. And I think this is going to be one of those special pieces that does that.”

I had a chance to be on the set of “Night Drive” to bring you this behind-the-scenes look, featuring interviews with the creative team that developed the commercial (which includes some insight about the back story of the father and daughter in the script).

The production schedule was intense – it covered two long days in Chicago last November – with four main locations, not to mention footage shot on highways and freeways, and a driving sequence also captured by a camera mounted on a helicopter.

cheerios commercial

I closed out the shoot with the Cheerios team riding in the back of a van, watching a feed transmitted by the camera that was shooting the actor playing the father “drive” the car (he was actually on a trailer for some of the scenes) on several rural highways west of Chicago.

behind the scenes commercial

“What I love about ‘Night Drive’ is that everybody knows what a bowl of Cheerios is, but this commercial makes you think about what a bowl of Cheerios can mean,” says Doug Martin, associate marketing director for Cheerios. “It’s more than just cereal. I think the chance for this family connection of the father and daughter is what makes this spot powerful.”

Now that you’ve seen “Night Drive,” what do you think of the ad?

Editor’s note: We also went behind-the-scenes of two other recent Cheerios commercials: “Gracie” (which aired during the 2014 big game) and “3rd Shift.”