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Ready to eat hunter-gatherer style?

A throwback to our hunter-gatherer past. A grain and gluten-free mix of nuts, fruits, seeds and spices. Granola reinvented.

So what is this magical food?

It’s Renola – Lärabar’s reinvented granola.


And if you stick to the Paleo Diet – based on eating foods our ancestors ate thousands of years ago – it’s your lucky day.

“It’s not just a Paleo trend,” says Julia Wing-Larson, marketing manager for Small Planet Foods. “We saw an opportunity for Lärabar to bring true simplicity to granola.”

Just like traditional granola, Renola can be eaten as a topping for yogurt, ice cream and salads, served as a cereal with milk – or just eaten straight from the pouch.

Lärabar is counting on that “pouch-to-mouth” factor as a big selling point for the product. The three varieties –  Cinnamon Nut, Cocoa Coconut and Berry – come in 9-ounce resealable packages.


They also are offered in single-serving “slam-pack” units that can be conveniently eaten.


Renola was created by a team that tested more than 10 varieties before settling on the final line-up and more flavors could debut next year.

In development since last July, and introduced on May 26, Renola marks the first time that Lärabar has launched a product outside its signature nutrition bar category. But Renola remains a strong fit for the Lärabar portfolio since the core ingredients of the brand’s nutrition bars are fruits and nuts.

“Renola is a delicious granola alternative for people seeking real food,” Julia says. In fact, when Renola made its internal General Mills debut, she says it was a hit among everyone, no matter their preferred diet.

Look for Renola soon at a store near you.