Lucky To Be #luckytobe
Jun 03, 2014 • By

Lucky Charms asks what makes you lucky?

Lucky to live in a colorful world – that’s the inspiration behind the second annual #LuckyToBe campaign celebrating individuality, diversity and inclusiveness.

“We are honoring everything that makes each of us special and adds color to our world – just like the marshmallow charms in our cereal,” says Michael Lenahan, associate marketing manager for Lucky Charms. “We’re celebrating for everyone who is proud to live life on their own terms and love every second of it.”

The campaign, which includes this video on our YouTube channel, kicks off today.

If you’re a kid at heart, it’s time to join the community to share messages, photos and video using the #LuckyToBe hashtag.

Lucky To Be

In 2013, #LuckyToBe inspired more than 3 million Tumblr posts and 2 million Facebook likes from people all across the U.S.

So, why are you lucky to live in a colorful, diverse world? And are you ready to leave it a little more colorful than you found it?

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