Trail View
Jun 17, 2014 • By

Nature Valley Trail View now on the go

The latest updates to Nature Valley Trail View bring the remarkable hiking experience to mobile devices/tablets, shows sections of trails in four national parks in video and works on most Internet browsers.

Trail View

Launched in 2012, Trail View was the only digital platform to capture extensive street-view content for Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains and the Sequoias.

While not everyone can easily visit one of those U.S. parks, they can now travel there virtually via an Internet connection or cell signal when they’re out and about. We hope that the updates to the digital experience with Trail View inspire them to connect with nature more often.

Trail View

In the desktop experience, users can now view sections of the trails in HyperTrail, a panorama video pre-loaded to simulate a true hiking experience.

These points also feature facts about the parks to inspire Trail View users to see them for themselves in the future.

In the mobile/tablet experience, users can virtually hike each park on their device, explore points of interest along the way and take in 23 different high-resolution 360-degree panorama views to feel as if they were standing there in person.

Trail View

Trail View was born out of our passion for nature and the sensations that can come from connecting with it. With the new and improved experience, Nature Valley aims to inspire more people to get outside and connect with family, friends and the natural world.

We can’t all have a national park as our backyard – but nature is all around us.

We hope that Trail View helps you understand that nature is closer than you think.