Jun 25, 2014 • By

Removing aspartame from Yoplait Light

Yoplait has a history of listening to consumers. So after hearing requests to take out aspartame, the brand is taking action by removing it from Yoplait Light.

You’ll notice the change highlighted in new packaging – and with a blue lid – in a few months.


“This is something we’ve been considering and looking into for a while,” says Steve Young, vice president, Yoplait. “We set out to accomplish this move to another sweetener, yet still provide a 90-calorie yogurt option. This change also does not compromise the great taste and creamy texture of Yoplait Light yogurt.”

Based on consumer preference in taste tests, Yoplait decided that sucralose is the best option to replace aspartame. Sucralose adds sweetness to foods and beverages without adding calories. It’s FDA approved, and also is the only low-calorie sweetener that’s made from sugar.

Aspartame will be removed from all sizes and flavors of Yoplait Light by end of summer. This includes those sold at convenience and club stores, and in multi pack and single-serve packages.

For more information, visit Yoplait.com.