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Jun 10, 2014 • By

Yoki snacks score for soccer fans

This is a magical time of year for soccer fans, especially in Brazil where teams from all over the world will be converging to play in soccer’s biggest championship.

That also means it’s snack time for Brazilian families watching the country’s most popular sport on television. So many of them will be reaching for Yoki’s “world flavors-inspired” snack line up of potato chips, peanuts and popcorn.

The Yoki team believes they’ll score a goal with nine limited-time snacks that include  English Worcestershire sauce potato chips, American bacon peanuts and Japanese soy sauce and wasabi microwave popcorn, said Priscila Pizano, marketing manager for innovation in Brazil.

yoki peanuts

“Consumers really like some of the varieties, especially the German mustard popcorn,” says Priscila. “They requested that some of the flavors of the world snacks should become a line extension for Yoki rather than a being offered for a limited time.”

yoki popcorn

The new snacks were introduced in January and will be available in Brazilian supermarkets until July and feature flavors like:

* Argentinian barbecue potato chips
* Brazilian cheese stick potato chips
* American bacon peanuts
* Brazilian onion and parsley peanuts
* Japanese soy sauce and wasabi microwave popcorn
* Brazilian sausage and onions microwave popcorn

Yoki considered more than 65 flavor varieties before settling on the final line-up.

“We chose the most common snacks eaten when families get together to watch TV and sports games, and developed flavors that represented a good variety of countries and flavors,” Priscila says.

yoki potato chips

The Yoki team decided each snack category needed a flavor from Brazil, and two from other countries. Among the varieties considered that didn’t make the cut were barbecue flavors from Brazil and Uruguay.

What will you be snacking on while watching the soccer action?