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A delicious $50,000 for your favorite local restaurant

Biscuits and gravy from the family-owned neighborhood restaurant down the block. Local berry pie from that little place on Main Street. It’s time for these local dishes to get a place in the national spotlight.

From biscuits and pancakes to entrees and desserts, General Mills Convenience & Foodservice (C&F) is looking for unique recipes with a General Mills twist. And to sweeten the deal, they’re giving the most tasty and creative recipes a prize package worth $50,000.


Here’s how to get your favorite local restaurant in on the fun:

* Share the Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest website with your favorite local food spots.

* From Aug. 1 through Sept.30, restaurants can submit their original breakfast, entree or dessert recipes or create a new food item that uses at least one ingredient from General Mills’ list of nearly 90 eligible products.

That’s it!

“Food wars, cooking contests, bake-offs and grilling competitions are everywhere,” says Grace Gilbertson, senior marketing manager for C&F. “However, one doesn’t exist for this customer who is really good at what they do. We wanted to create an opportunity where they have a chance of being recognized and rewarded for their hard work and one-of-a-kind recipe.”

The contest was created to highlight small, local restaurants who may not have the space or budget for a plethora of ingredients. “What they are good at is being creative with what they have in the house kitchen,” said Gilbertson. From muffin mixes used to make biscotti to mini-pizzas made from biscuit dough, these are the restaurants that use everyday products creatively to delight their customers.

The contest also represents a tribute to the local family restaurants, which often are the heart of the neighborhood, Gilbertson says.

neighborhood restaurant contest

“People go there for good food, unique atmosphere and an owner who makes them feel part of the family,” says Gilbertson. “They live and breathe their restaurant and work tirelessly to make their customers happy. They also play a critical role in the community. They were ‘local’ before there was a local movement.”

Three category winners will be announced on Feb. 25. The grand prize winner will receive $40,000 along with $10,000 for a local charity. The two runners-up will receive $10,000.

Restaurants can enter the contest as many times as they like. However, only one recipe per entrant will be considered among the top three.