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Are you “out there”?

Whether you spend your hot summer days dropping into a river from a rope swing or swinging your child from your arms on a beach, you need energy!

Nature Valley’s new campaign encourages you to “Get Out There” in whatever way that means to you, and to get the energy to fuel your fun from a granola bar.

Launched this summer, it’s the first integrated Nature Valley Crunchy granola bar campaign – across television and the web – in several years.

And, it represents a new focus for Crunchy bars on the active lifestyles of families and millennials. Nature Valley Crunchy granola bars debuted in 1975.

Nature Valley

Using user-generated video clips within five commercials that helped kick off the campaign, Nature Valley now points out that its granola bars offer one-third of your daily recommended whole grains per serving.

“We know that whole grains are a meaningful benefit to consumers, but consumers don’t automatically make that link with our Crunchy granola bars,” says Carina Sarbaugh, associate marketing manager for Nature Valley. “So this is something really different that we haven’t done before, testing messaging to promote the long lasting energy from whole grain.”

New packaging for the Crunchy bars also calls out the whole grains, on both the front and back of the box.


Nature Valley also is using the #GetOutThere hashtag – also printed on the Crunchy boxes – and their Tumblr blog to encourage fans to use social media to show and tell the brand how they are using the extra energy.


In addition, the brand team also is busy hosting numerous sampling events this summer, including using a pop-up camper.

Nature Valley

“The idea with this campaign is, let’s learn from our consumers about how they are using the energy and what are they doing. And also push it forward in an inspiring way that connects people with nature, which is all about our brand purpose,” says Carina.

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