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Aug 18, 2014 • By

Here’s what it’s like to live your WWE dream

What’s it like to live out your lifelong dream? And how does life get kicked up a notch when you’re with the WWE team?

I consider myself very lucky to have helped super fan turned superstar — Mitchell LaValley — live his WWE dream during his summer vacation.

If you saw WWE’s biggest event of the season, SummerSlam, last night, you saw LaValley appear as “Jake Tucker,” aka “Mama’s Boy” as he made his official debut in front of a live audience of about 15,000 people in Los Angeles (plus, the broadcast audience watching worldwide).

He sat ringside with his mother and sister as his journey was aired.

In addition to the debut of Mama’s Boy, SummerSlam weekend was filled with activity for the Totino’s team. We hosted a social Q&A session, sponsored a live Twitter session with The Miz and also turned our Twitter page over for the first ever fan takeover so WWE and Mama’s Boy could live tweet experiences throughout the day.

Fans outside of the Staples Center also received free samples of Totino’s BOLD BBQ Chicken and Spicy Taco rolls.

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This grand debut for Totino’s BOLD and Mama’s Boy at SummerSlam was the result of a second year partnership between Totino’s and WWE. I’ve worked on this partnership since day one and it’s been incredible to see two teams collaborate and build upon their accomplishments.

Our first year successes included the association with WWE Superstar Sheamus and some hilarious Twitter memes. In our second year, we designed the Show Us Your Superstar competition in a way we knew WWE fans would find entertaining.

I’m proud to work on a program that really showcases the powerful work two companies can do together when you trust each other, remain agile and embrace some amount of risk.

It’s not unlike WWE wrestling!

Congratulations again to Mama’s Boy, Totino’s is thrilled to have had a part in making your WWE dream come true.

Stay BOLD, Mama’s Boy!