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Behind the scenes of “3rd Shift”

With a look and a line that mothers and fathers anywhere can appreciate, the boy in the latest Cheerios commercial will melt your heart.

The new spot is titled “3rd Shift.” It’s a tribute to all working parents on the job while their families sleep, communicated through the words – and eyes – of a boy.

You’ll start seeing it on TV today. You also can check it out on the Cheerios YouTube channel anytime.

I was on the set of the ad in Chicago last fall to bring you this behind-the-scenes look. I talked with the director, Matt Smukler of Community Films, as well as others on the creative team for Saatchi & Saatchi, to uncover the back story.

The writer of the commercial drew upon his own experience of having a working parent, to prove the point that a family breakfast can happen anytime.

As we watched the crew capture take after take of the boy playing the son in the ad deliver his line to the father, the Cheerios team knew it would produce a special moment.

“This spot really brings home that breakfast is more than just a time to eat – it is a time to connect with the people you love,” says Doug Martin, associate marketing director for Cheerios. “This story does a terrific job of highlighting that through the eyes of a boy who’s dad works at night. And the actor in it is just perfect. It can take a lot to put even a simple looking commercial together and the boy was just amazing in every take. His expressions were perfect to bring the emotion to life.”


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Editor’s note: We also went behind-the-scenes of two other recent Cheerios commercials: “Gracie” (which aired during the 2014 big game) and “Night Drive” (which debuted online, for Father’s Day in June).

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