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Betty Crocker in your kitchen? There’s an app for that

From summer grilling to autumn’s “all pumpkin, all the time” to holiday cookies and everything in between, Betty Crocker’s new app means you can easily take more than 15,000 classic and tested recipes anywhere, any time.

The new app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is now available for free on Apple’s App Store site.

An Android version will be ready in October. As a bonus, new and seasonal recipes will be added to users’ recipe database without having to upgrade the app.

“Many remember the affinity their grandmother and mom had for Betty Crocker cookbooks while growing up,” says Audra Carson, digital marketing leader for Betty Crocker. “We plan to bring those same memories and successful cooking experience to a new generation, this time on their mobile device.”

The original “Big Red” Betty Crocker Cookbook has sold more than 75 million copies since its debut in 1950. And the current Betty Crocker website is one of the most popular cooking websites on the planet.

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What’s new? 

The new Betty Crocker Cookbook app has thousands more recipes and many more features than its previous version (which debuted in early 2009).

The revised digital cookbook includes contents organized by chapters of Betty Crocker’s most popular and highest-rated recipes, for example. And, in a nod to changing diets, it includes chapters for gluten-free and vegetarian diets.

With the new app, users can easily navigate through a recipe, complete steps and even walk away without the screen locking – no more touching your mobile device with messy hands. It’s also easy to keep track of ingredients added and steps completed along the way by simply checking them off.

For those needing to adjust recipes, there are in-app tools for substitutions and conversions in context of each recipe.

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Users can also easily text, email or socially share a recipe with family and friends directly from the app.

“As more and more people go paperless, they will find the Betty Crocker app a great replacement for all those old recipes found in kitchen drawers,” says Audra. “They can even create their own personal recipe chapter in the app and come back to it time and time again.”

The goal is to connect users to quality recipes they can actually make and improve their cooking experience in the kitchen – that’s what Betty Crocker knows best.

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Why now?

When it launched five years ago, the cookbook app zoomed to the top of downloaded digital food apps, but Audra says the app needed an update. The makeover began in spring 2013. The team urned to the General Mills Consumer Advisory Board and got feedback from consumers who regularly prepared foods from online websites.

The team also commissioned a study that found that 70 percent of the 1,900 participants used smartphones or tablets while cooking.

Nearly 3 million people have the original app on their mobile devices and the team hopes a good share of them will download the new app.

“With the new app, we help people cut through the clutter that’s out there by organizing our recipes in a simple way,” Audra says.

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“We are extremely excited to see this growth with mobile recipe app users,” she says. “It provides a great opportunity for us to reach a new generation of consumers with a digital Betty Crocker Cookbook that is relevant to their lifestyle.”

The Betty Crocker Cookbook App is available for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, or at

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