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Finally, an interactive cereal box

Kix has a new box, and it does a whole lot more than hold cereal.

Original Kix, Berry Berry Kix and Honey Kix now come in packaging with pieces that pop out and assemble into different animals or objects. Families can then go online at Kix Adventures and use their cardboard creations to tell stories.

kix cereal

The new Kix boxes are available only at Target stores.

“We are excited to introduce a new look and a fun way to bring parents and kids together,” says Lauren Pradhan, Kix marketing manager. “To kick off the new Kix Adventures, a variety of authors have written original stories, including actress Soleil Moon Frye. Her adorable stories bring the box characters to life and will inspire young readers to use their imaginations.”


Soleil Moon Frye, host of the OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network DIY series “Home Made Simple,” wrote three out of nine original stories at Kix Adventures.

The mom of three tapped her passions for crafts and writing to create stories about Rocky the Monkey (Original Kix), Mazy the Octopus (Berry Berry Kix) and Fletcher the Raccoon (Honey Kix).

soleil moon frye

All of the stories are educational and reinforce things children are learning, such as numbers, shapes, colors and days of the week. They’re translated in Spanish, too.

Claudia Klug, global consumer insights manager, says the interactive packaging with online stories was designed to fulfill the Kix brand purpose to kick-start kids’ futures.

“One of the ways we know kids develop is through imaginative play and through building play,” says Claudia. “We wanted to make an experience that really delivered on that.”

Each box includes perforated building pieces that can construct at least three different animals or objects. Original Kix, for example, comes with pop-out pieces for a monkey, giraffe and plane. There are instructions on how to build even more things with pieces from multiple boxes.

activities for kids

I picked up a box on my last Target run. Our three kids enjoyed taking turns popping out the different pieces. We spent a half hour reading (and re-reading!) the cute stories. The next day when our son asked to do the “monkey thing” again, I knew he was referring to Kix Adventures.

“Free storybooks online, a box that basically disassembles and reassembles into a tool for creativity for children – it’s such a great experience to provide this for families,” says Claudia.

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