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Have you met Ramona?

You arrive at the General Mills lobby just in time for an interview or a big meeting when you suddenly realize you’ve got a BIG rip on your shirt sleeve.

Panic sets in — you have no way to fix it.

Don’t worry, Ramona Kastenbauer has you covered.

Ramona is often the first person people meet when they arrive at our headquarters in Minneapolis. And whether you need a safety pin or just a smile and some directions, Ramona always knows just the right way to take care of things.

She works at the front desk of our visitors’ entrance, greeting people with her bright smile and always ready to share a joke as she signs visitors in, hands them a badge and sets them up for a successful visit.

If you visit a second time, it’s likely that Ramona’s famous memory will kick in and she’ll remember your name – and how to spell it – even though she meets dozens of people every day.

While her memory is impressive, it’s her professionalism and the care she has for her colleagues and General Mills visitors that makes her a great match for the job.

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Have you visited General Mills and met Ramona?

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