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Check out this Movember switch up

Guys – the truth hurts: Sometimes the woman in your life really is right, especially when it comes to taking care of your health.

“Most doctors will confirm that many of the visits that men make to their health care provider start with ‘My wife (or girlfriend) thinks that I should see a doctor about …,’” says Dr. Daniel Lussenhop, General Mills’ Global Health Medical Director. “There is good reason for that, as women tend to be the proactive consumers of health care, while men often downplay their symptoms and don’t take action quickly enough.”

Consider the facts:

* Men are two times less likely than women to visit a doctor.

* Men are five times more likely to die of potentially preventable illnesses.

* Nearly 50 percent of male cancer cases could be prevented by making better lifestyle choices

wheaties movember

This is the fourth official year of General Mills’ participation in the men’s health awareness Movember campaign, and the second year of sponsorship by Wheaties.

This year’s ambitious goal of having 500 General Mills mustached participants raise $65,000 required the planning team to bring out the big guns: The Women of Marketing.

The inspiring tagline “I Am Woman, Hear Me ‘Mo” is the rallying cry for this year’s Movember campaign. Led by Jamie Lyon, Emi Neithercut  and Teresa Huang, the idea was inspired by their desire to get involved in the cause, and to not be stymied by the fact that they can’t grow their own ‘Mo’s.

And men’s health is topic near and dear to Emi, “One of my college roommates had cancer in his mouth, tongue and glands, and he attributed his discomfort to allergies, strep throat … excuses/rationale that made him delay getting it checked,” she says. “By the time he finally saw the doctor he had to be rushed into emergency surgery. He made a full recovery, thank goodness, but It was amazing to me how long it took him to go see his doctor when he knew that something was wrong. I have already lectured my dad and my brother about how important it is to take care of themselves, and I want to help spread that awareness to other men and those who love them.”

On October 30, 23 female captains participated in a Movember Fantasy League draft at our headquarters in Minnesota to pick their teams of ‘Mo Bros to raise money for men’s health.

There are about 130 players divided up among the 23 teams.

wheaties movember

The men of these 23 teams, known as “’Mo Bros”, started the month clean-shaven, and will grow their moustaches for 30 days, getting friends, family and colleagues to donate to their ‘Mo-growing efforts.

During that time they become walking, talking billboards for men’s health.

And the captains will rally their team members to spread the word about men’s health and raise money for the cause.

wheaties movember

So, during the month of November you’re bound to see mustached men in all their hairy – or attempts at hairy – glory walking around.  Give them a high five and support Movember.

And gently remind them to listen to the women in their lives to make that appointment with their healthcare provider.

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