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Life in the fast lane

Growing up in the heart of racing country in North Carolina, Scott Hayes never dreamed he’d be living and working in Minnesota.

But in the late 1990s, Scott traded a life in the fast lane of the professional motorsports industry for a job at General Mills and moved to Minneapolis.

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In our latest MyStory, hear how Scott’s background in racing helped him land a job at General Mills as the company was embracing the sport and how he’s translated the skills he learned from the racetrack to a corporate environment.

“I brought a lot of unique experiences [with me], which was my ticket into General Mills,” says Scott. “Once I got in, the company gave me so many opportunities to be fulfilled.”

More than a decade later, Scott works in General Mills’ Sales department – still in Minnesota – and is more likely to be at an ice hockey game watching his kids than a race.

Has your career taken you to unexpected places? Has it taken interesting twists that turned out for the better?

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