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What would you give the Pillsbury Doughboy?

If you could give the Pillsbury Doughboy a gift, what would it be?

The family in the newest commercial featuring Poppin’ Fresh gave him …

Wait for it …. A pair of jeans.


Take a look at “The Gift”!

“Pillsbury and the Doughboy have brought warmth to holiday traditions for decades, but this modern family in this new commercial brings humor to the table with an unforgettable gift,” says Michelle Barbeau, marketing manager for Pillsbury.

The gift for the Doughboy could have been anything. But jeans just make you smile, right?


“We wanted to do a different kind of holiday spot, something different from a recipe suggestion or people fighting over the last crescent roll. So we came up with the angle of a family giving a very heartfelt thank you to the Doughboy for all the contributions he’s made to the family dinner table over the years,” says Bill Wright, global executive creative director, McCann.

“We wanted the gift to be a little awkward, not entirely appropriate but still funny. And it’s a little nod to pop culture, how so many mascots and cartoon characters are walking around without pants,” adds James Dawson-Hollis, global executive creative director, McCann.

The Pillsbury team loved the idea of using jeans.

“They’re so iconic in American culture, just like what you think about the Doughboy too,” says Monica Hritz, associate marketing manager for Pillsbury. “But no matter what the gift, this commercial is really meant to show and express a family’s love for the Doughboy.”

“Our hope is that people enjoy the spot, the unexpected humor of it, and then they’ll want to pass it along to their friends. And of course we want everyone to take away that the holidays aren’t the holidays without Pillsbury crescent rolls at the dinner table” says Wright.

So, about those jeans.

As you see in the commercial, they just don’t look like they fit the Doughboy.

They actually were sewn from denim and then the details were sized down – the stitching and the button – by the art department at Framestore, McCann’s production partner.

Here’s how they looked in my hand when I was able to check them out.


“It’s a big honor to work with such an iconic brand and we didn’t take that responsibility lightly. We wanted to raise the bar on the visual effects and create the best digital Doughboy to ever appear, and we think Framestore definitely delivered on that,” Dawson-Hollis says.

Monica says reaction to the ad, and the jeans, has been fun to watch and read online.

“One question that has come up is, ‘Will we get to see him in the jeans?’ We’ll have to see!’ she says.

Both Wright and Dawson-Hollis say they’re impressed with the sheer amount of people who want to see the Doughboy try the jeans on. “Will they fit? Will they be flattering to his physique? Will there be a muffin top?” asked Wright.

So who knows, maybe the Pillsbury team will try to get those jeans on the Doughboy after all. Unless they’re skinny jeans?!

Or, should he just return them and get something else?

Let us know what you think!

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