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5 great reactions to French Toast Crunch coming back

In case you missed it (and we’re not sure how you could have), we’re bringing French Toast Crunch back!

To say the reaction to the news has been overwhelming would be putting it mildly. America is over the moon that French Toast Crunch will soon be back on grocery store shelves!

How do we know?!

As of now, the announcement has more than 56,000 likes on Facebook and has been shared nearly 40,000 times. Announcements to Twitter, G+, Instagram and other social media channels have received several thousand favorites, retweets, shares, emojis, comments and more.

Robert Bratcher posted this to Twitter, borrowing a page from the NBA’s Lebron James.


@DanGoub on Twitter summed it up when he tweeted:


The #FrenchToastCrunchIsBack hashtag was trending nationwide and the traffic to the announcement did, indeed, overload the “A Taste of General Mills” blog for brief periods through the weekend.


Alexis Dent tweeted a photo of herself hearing the news that French Toast Crunch is back. Sheer excitement. She could barely handle it.

@PagingMrKeen tweeted a selfie that summed up two of the most common reactions – tears of joy and YES!!


Lots of people thanked us for making their dreams and wishes come true and for bringing back their favorite childhood cereal.

But this exchange with @MrMikeAntonio summed it up best.


We’re feeling the French Toast Crunch love and we love you all for loving French Toast Crunch!

Keep the love coming, America because #FrenchToastCrunchIsBack!

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