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Climate change collaboration

Earlier this year, General Mills announced a policy on climate change that establishes a framework for tracking and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our supply chain. The policy will serve as our guide for action as we too play our part in addressing this shared, global challenge.

Climate volatility is something we think about a lot as a food company, and have shared the thoughts of our leadership on our blog in recent months. (See: “Addressing climate change” and “How the weather forecast impacts food supply.”)

Collaboration and the sharing of ideas are necessary when working to address an issue this complex.

So, we are working with partners like Ceres, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, The CEO Water Mandate, The Consumer Goods Forum and others to pool our efforts and increase our impact.

We thought our readers would be interested to hear from others who have studied this issue and are using their platforms to advocate for change.

First up is Anne Kelly, who is the director of public policy at Ceres, a non-profit coalition of investors and companies, which seeks to promote leadership and best practices in sustainability.


Anne Kelly

Kelly also directs Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP) a coalition of leading consumer-facing companies seeking to advocate for meaningful climate and energy policy at the federal level. General Mills has been a member of Ceres since 2006 and joined BICEP earlier this year.

We asked Kelly to explain how BICEP is harnessing the power of its members to keep this issue front and center and what success looks like to her, in this clip from our interview.


She also talked about the costs associated with addressing climate change – and, the cost of inaction.


Another interesting thought leader spoke to employees at our headquarters recently and shared his compelling case for why action is needed now on climate change.

That thought leader is from our own backyard of Minneapolis. Paul Douglas is a well-respected meteorologist with more than 30 years forecasting weather on television and radio. It was exciting to hear him speak since I grew up trusting the weather forecasts he gave nightly on two of our local TV stations.

As a meteorologist, Douglas talked about the increasing volatility of the weather and what that means for people around the world, in this video clip.

So, how are meteorologists tracking this volatility and what do they think we should expect in the future? Douglas answers that, here.

These are just two leaders we respect.

Fortunately, there are many great minds focused on how to slow climate change, and collectively, we understand the need to work towards solutions collaboratively.

We will continue to share our journey here on the blog, provide updates on our progress and discuss the actions we’re taking.

Please check back and join us in advocating for more attention to be given to this issue.

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