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Cookies: You ask, Betty Crocker answers

You’ll never meet Betty Crocker in person or see her on TV, it’s true.

But she has an army of helpers – the Bettys – that help people around the world pull off incredible feats of baking.

And if you checked in on the Betty Crocker Facebook page or YouTube channel on National Cookie Day (December 4), you saw the Bettys tackling fans’ cookie baking questions.

One very quick video at a time.


During the “Ask Betty Live Christmas Cookie Event,” fans asked cookie baking questions and many were surprised and delighted when they received real-time, personalized video responses.

How did Team Betty do it?

Fans were able to ask their holiday cookie baking questions on the Betty Crocker Facebook page. A team of experts responded to as many as possible through video and written responses.


As the video responses to the questions were prepared, shot and edited, the Betty Crocker Kitchen experts diligently responded to questions in writing and directed consumers to resources on

There were 125 questions asked and the Bettys were able to reply to 100 of them – 44 of their responses were personalized video answers!


The team did an extraordinary amount of prep work in advance of the event to ensure it ran as smoothly as possible. They had a list of the most frequently asked cookie baking questions and were ready with props to respond appropriately in the event the question was asked again.

“Overall, the event was a huge success,” says Veronica Cowen, assistant interactive marketing manager. “In less than 24 hours, the videos had more than 223,000 views! We were able to prep, film, edit and post to Facebook one video every eight minutes. And we responded to a question every 3.5 minutes for six hours total.”

These Bettys deserve a break!


Kristen Olson and Madison Mayberry.

Since 1921, Betty Crocker has been answering America’s kitchen questions with her expert advice, kitchen-tested recipes and friendly guidance and she’s still at it today.

“We decided on the live Facebook event because, in the rapidly growing digital age, we knew it would be easier to bring our expertise to where our fans are,” Veronica says. “We also know that 50 percent of our users visit via a mobile device and one of the top mobile apps is Facebook.”


The videos created during the event will be edited into timeless “How to” videos and added to the helpful content on to assist anyone who has a cookie baking question in the future.

Some of the most frequently asked questions included:

What is the best way to store cookies after they’re made?

What’s the best way to make cake mix cookies?

Check out the videos, kid-friendly cookie recipes, easy holiday cookie ideas and much more at and share your cookie baking creations and moments on social media using #GetYourBettyOn.

Happy cookies to all and to all, a good Betty.

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