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LÄRABAR’s 12 Days of Christmas

Renola – not a partridge – in a pear tree?

This holiday season the LÄRABAR team has created another clever social media promotion – this one relying on a series of songs paying homage to the tune “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

During the “12 Days of LÄRABAR Christmas,” which lasts through Christmas Eve, LÄRABAR will reward randomly selected fans with a number of products from its portfolio.


Each of the 12 days, a new video featuring LÄRABAR offerings will appear on the brand’s Facebook page. Each product gets its own verse via rewritten lyrics from the traditional Christmas song, along with accompanying stop-motion artwork.

“Two turtle doves” becomes “two Chocolate Turtles,” and “five golden rings” transforms into “five Pumpkin Pie.”

The winner’s name appears at the end of each video, and each person receives a goodie box featuring all the products and flavors shown in that day’s video.

The promotion is the brainchild of Annie Parsons, the LÄRABAR community engagement specialist.


“LÄRABAR is known for our ‘random acts of yumminess’ in choosing fans at random and sending the product,” says Annie. “‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ seemed like the perfect way to really play that up during the holidays.”

The brand has relied on social media before during the holidays, but this marked the first time LÄRABAR had created a video series for it. Annie says the promotion has gone over well, and she’s hopeful the brand will add to its list of nearly 150,000 Facebook fans.

Annie penned the song’s new LÄRABAR-inspired lyrics, as well as sang them.


Her friend, Emily Kyburz, created the video’s paper art props that included revolving snowflakes, a nutcracker dressed in green, and stocking cap-clad turtles with über Dark Chocolate Cashew Turtle bars strapped to their backs.


“In one marathon day, we knocked out all 12 videos,” Annie says. “Stop-motion is a series of photographs in rapid succession, and we took thousands of shots that day. Imagine spending all day hunched over a tabletop, moving every single bar, prop and item for a single image. It’s surprisingly physical.”

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