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The most popular General Mills news in 2014

The “A Taste of General Mills” blog covers a lot of news, information, stories and history every year.

And this year, we’ve had some really big news!

Here are the top five most popular posts from our blog in 2014:


5. Removing aspartame from Yoplait Light

Fans of Yoplait Light requested we remove the aspartame from their favorite yogurt and we listened.


4. New products hit the shelves 

From Chocolate Toast Crunch to Helper Bold and everything in between, our 2014 new products announcement in January was a big hit.

dc comics

3. The Monster Cereal news you’ve been waiting for 

Every autumn, the Monster Cereals emerge from the vault. This year Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry paired up with DC Comics for a whole lot of awesome.


2: Behind the scenes of “Gracie”

A beloved American family returned during football’s biggest game and we had a behind-the-scenes peek at this adorable Cheerios commercial.

bringing back french toast crunch

1: We’ve got big news about French Toast Crunch

In case you missed it, we broke some BIG news about French Toast Crunch and it was, by far, our most popular news of the year!

Thanks for joining us in 2014, we can’t wait to share even more awesome with you in 2015!

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