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5 foods from the ’90s we miss today

If you were a child of the 1990s, you’re undoubtedly delighted by the recent return of French Toast Crunch.

But seeing those bright red boxes reappearing on the shelves got us thinking about the five foods from the good ol’ days of the ’90s that we miss today.

90s foods


Squeezit drinks were introduced in 1988, but really hit their stride in the 1990s with seven flavors including Silly Billy Strawberry, Mean Green Puncher, Berry B. Wild, Chucklin’ Cherry, Grumpy Grape, Smarty Arty Orange and Rockin’ Red Puncher.

But Squeezit really took it to the next level in 1996 when it unveiled the first “interactive” juice – a color changing Squeezit! In the late 1990s, Squeezit even came in taste changing flavors. Sadly, it was just too much juicy goodness to handle and Squeezit was discontinued in 2001.

1990s foods


Who doesn’t love cookies you can dunk into frosting?!

Dunkaroos were introduced in 1992 and the friendly kangaroo was named Sydney. The kangaroo stayed the same, but his name changed to Duncan the Daredevil in 1996. Dunkaroos were a much-loved snack until they were discontinued in the U.S. in 2012.

Sorry, USA, they’re still available in Canada.

foods of the 90s


We admit it – Fingos were unusual. They were oversized cereal “chips” designed to eat with your fingers. They were introduced in 1993 and discontinued in 1994. We guess because you can eat just about every cereal with your fingers.

food of the 1990s


Bite-sized granola sandwiches with chocolate, vanilla or peanut butter filling, you guys! The aptly named IncrediBites were tiny, but tasty and were billed as the “next generation granola snack.” The next generation didn’t last long, unfortunately.

1990s foods


The year was 1999. Many people believed that when the clock struck midnight on December 31, 1999, the world as we knew it was going to end. The lights would go out, ATMs would stop working, computers would revolt and take over from humans.

None of that happened, but Cheerios did make Millenios to commemorate the once in a lifetime occasion. In fact, the box could even be used to create a millennium time capsule!

Those are the five foods from the 1990s we’re missing most right now. Your turn, ’90s kids, what 1990s foods and snacks are you missing?

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