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How does this chef spice up his recipes?

Jonathan Griebel is a self-proclaimed “sufferer” of wanderlust. His favorite place to take a culinary adventure might surprise you – it’s Mexico!

“Mexican is my favorite food,” Jonathan says. “I love the complex flavors. It’s the most misunderstood cuisine.”

As a chef and recipe developer for General Mills, Jonathan travels regularly to taste intriguing ingredients, try regional flavors and draw culinary inspiration.

mexican food

Jonathan combined his passions for authentic Mexican flavors, travel and new recipes when the Old El Paso team tapped him to develop the brand’s frozen entrees in 2013.

He explored Mexico and met with chili pepper farmers, street vendors and other chefs as part of his research to develop Old El Paso Frozen Entrees.

Learn more about Jonathan’s story, here.

Jonathan’s story is the first in a new series of videos named “Real People, Real Food,” in which we interview the people of General Mills about the care and pride they take in growing ingredients, creating our recipes and making our food.

Real People Real Food

Throughout the series, we’ll feature the farmers, chefs, nutritionists, scientists, and employees who make or bake the food General Mills sells around the world.

Each person tells a unique story of how they bring passion and quality to General Mills. Here is the second story in the series: “What did this scientist mom do with a food challenge?”

What’s your favorite global cuisine? Do you bring home recipes or flavor ideas from trips?

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