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Re-imagining Häagen-Dazs in Germany

Imagine entering a wonderland of Häagen-Dazs opulence. A pristine storefront welcomes you into an elegant space. There is gorgeous lighting, sparkling décor and an extensive menu of over-the-top creations.

This is the next-generation Häagen-Dazs shop experience that thousands of visitors to Berlin’s Hackerscher Markt are enjoying today, thanks to a cross-functional team at General Mills.


The project represents a Häagen-Dazs store “re-imagining,” designed to reinvigorate the brand with a complete store refurbishment that included:

-New and updated furnishings including lighting and other fixtures and décor, intimate seating arrangements, higher quality finishes and updated menus and displays.

-An elevated range of product showcases and expanded product offerings.

-New Häagen-Dazs-branded merchandise.

-An optimized back-of-house workflow to speed up service and efficiency.


“The shop distinctly reinvents the way ice cream is showcased through a display of indulgent ice cream flavors, ice cream cakes, patisseries and other gifting options in a seamless, marble-clad dipping line,” says Rachel Tan, global marketing manager for Häagen-Dazs shops.

The Hackerscher Markt store celebrated its launch last March with great fanfare and quickly learned that the luxurious environment set the tone for guest behavior and experience.

“We are closely monitoring the shop’s performance, as well as consumer feedback, so that we can apply what we learn,” Rachel says.

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