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Ready to celebrate your best life with Celebra lo Rico?

Every Latina living in the United States has a unique story and Melissa Bailey, Morena Cuadra and Fernanda Beccaglia are no exception. These Qué Rica Vida bloggers are now starring in their own web series – Celebra lo Rico – and sharing their experiences around the modern Latina lifestyle.

The series is set in New York City and features the bloggers sharing the inspiration behind what they write and their personal experiences as Latinas from different backgrounds living in the U.S.

“We strive to inspire our audience to celebrate their culture through food and connection,” says Natalia Ortega, media site planner for Qué Rica Vida. “The featured bloggers regularly contribute content to QuéRicaVida.com. In this series, they share personal stories about what inspires them and how they keep their traditions alive as bi-cultural Latinas in the U.S.”

Celebra lo Rico began airing on the Qué Rica Vida YouTube channel on January 8 and a new episode will be available every other Thursday through Mother’s Day.

celebra lo rico

Qué Rica Vida chose YouTube for a simple reason – their fans spend a lot of their digital time there.

As the bloggers are Spanish-dominant, most of the web series is in Spanish. However, Natalia says they are moving toward “speaking in culture,” as opposed to in language.

“The Spanish/English binary can feel limiting and inorganic,” she says. “With Celebra lo Rico we asked ourselves, ‘Which language most authentically conveys this particular message/emotion and makes sense in this scene?’ As a result, some of our episodes toggle between the two languages and are not subtitled.”

celebra lo rico

“Our contributors represent the incredible diversity of the Latino experience,” says Monica Granados, assistant media site manager for Qué Rica Vida.  “In this show alone, we have bloggers representing the Dominican Republic, Argentina and Peru. We want to continue celebrating Latinas in the U.S. and the Celebra lo Rico series is a natural extension of our commitment to inspire our audience to explore a variety of experiences for a rich life.”

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