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It’s throwback cereal time!

Remember the first bowl of cereal you poured for yourself?

It was likely on a Saturday morning, your parents wanted to sleep in (for once) and told you to get yourself breakfast and watch TV. You carefully added A LOT of cereal to a really big bowl and put in plenty of milk to make sure you had lots of delicious cereal milk. You tiptoed over to the television and watched cartoon after hilarious cartoon while you savored that giant bowl of cereal and leftover milk.

It’s time to recreate those childhood memories with this year’s Throwback Character Collection – our retro cereal boxes available now at Target.

This year, the five Big G cereals feature beloved characters as they appeared in the 1970s and 1980s – the Cheerios Kid, Wendell the Baker, Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, BuzzBee and Lucky the Leprechaun.


“Our design agency, Curb Crowser, put their creative minds to work and brought to life a truly unique throwback character collection by incorporating a large cut-out on the back of the box,” says Melissa Johansen, senior activation planner in shopper marketing. “The true fans of these retro packages will be sure to collect all five boxes.”


The design team worked on a tight timeline and made sure their work would reflect the vintage look of the popular brands and characters involved.

“We did extensive research, sifting through the General Mills Archives and compiling a stack of what we thought were interesting examples of early box artwork,” says Trisha McCabe, art director at Curb Crowser. “After looking through multiple poses and styles of each equity character, we found the perfect representations for each brand. A keen eye and painstaking attention to detail then helped us recreate those poses as close to the originals as possible.”

target retro cereal boxes

Amy Kirihara Hendricks, account executive at Curb Crowser, says everyone who worked on the retro cereal boxes is “thrilled by the positive response we are already seeing.”

The 2015 Throwback Character Collection is available now at Target stores nationwide.

The retro boxes for Big G have been a tradition since 2008. Check out our posts about them in 2014, 2013 and 2012.

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